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[Archieve] TeniPuri Fanfic Masterpost

Masterpost for TeniPuri Fanfics I wrote. All links lead outside LJ.

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[Doujinshi] Blowing a Kiss

Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Title: Blowing a Kiss
Story: Mitsukai20
Art: West Right
Rating: PG/G
Pairing: Sanada/Yukimura
Language: English

Note: This is a doujinshi project my friend and I did last summer. It's based on a fanfiction with the same title. If you want to share this, please just use the Pixiv link provided. No hotlinking. Please ask permission first if you want to translate it into other language(s). Editing the contents in any form (including for icon, banner, and/or coloring) is not allowed.

Online view: Pixiv
Download: MF

[SHARING] Castsize 4 (part 1)

*blow up dust*

Actually I'm pretty much no longer using LJ as my primary blog since I moved to tumblr, but I think I do need to update this once in a while, so...

I'll share some scans from Castsize Magazine Vol. 4. Cross-posted to tumblr, of course.

Pictures under the cutCollapse )

I'll share more once I have the time to scan more. For earlier share, go to my tumblr.

This post is not F-locked because I don't want to be stingy towards other fans. But please just don't claim it as your own scan or using it without credits. Please credit either this LJ or my tumblr if you use the scans. And no commercial use.

I'm Still Alive!

It's been a very long time since I updated this LJ, but.... I'M STILL ALIVE SOMEHOW!! *kicked*

I'll be posting up some of my KHR fanfictions one by one (they're all also available in my FFnet, under the pen name 'Akatsuki Agito')

Please look forward to it.

It's been a while...

My LJ is near death, ahahaha~

(well it's already up since February, BUT WHO CARES 8DDD *shot*)

Fic : I Want To Be

Title : I Want To Be...
Author : China-Rollz
Rate : G
Warnings : OOC-ness, possible confusion of idea

“What do you want to be when you’re grown up?” asked the teacher with a cheerful face. Collapse )

Indonesian Cosplay Magazine... maybe...

If Japan has CosMode, how's with Indonesia? Indonesia already has Anime/Manga Magazine and Game Magazine. But how with Cosplay magazine? That's something we don't have currently. It's usually only be a small article in a full magazine. Indonesia already has a large number of cosplayers and cosplay events, yet we still don't have any cosplay magazine.

So... a <strike>crazy</strike> BRILLIANT idea was declared by my friend, a cosplayer :DCollapse )

I Need to Find A New One

My old sketchbook was full. At least, after 1 year owning it, it's all filled up.

That sketchbook is a birthday gift from my friend. She was totally confused when she searched for the gift, until she remembered that I love to draw, and decided to buy me a sketchbook. It's just a cheap sketchbook if I compared with another sketchbook I got from my other friend, but since the sketchbook I got from him was already full, I started to fill her sketchbook.

I brought that sketchbook, like, anywhere. It was in my bag when I went to Alia Press Conference (I'm only a guest). It was in my bag when I went to school. It was also in my room when I was at home.

When I found out that it's already full, I was totally freaked out. I didn't know that it was the last page of the book. I thought there was still, like, maybe 4-5 pages left. But no, it was the last one.


Picture under the cutCollapse )

Oh yeah... I also have an information for the Indonesian... But If you, non-Indonesian, want to pay a visit to Indonesia, especially Jakarta, please check it out too xD


Japan Anime Festival, 20 December 2008Collapse )

55-Questions Meme

Steal it from[info]chopinston



MemeCollapse )